Bilateral Investment Agreements​

Bilateral Agreements for the Promotion and the Reciprocal Promotion of Investments aim to promote and protect private investments of one contracting state in the territory of the other contracting state.

They establish a legal framework whereby the host contracting state grants investors and investments from the other contracting state the Most Favored National Treatment or the National Treatment, whichever is more favorable for the investor and its investment.

Moreover, the host contracting state shall:
  • refrain from taking any discriminatory measure against investors and investments of the other contracting state;
  • provide the investments of the other contracting state a fair and equitable treatment and full protection and security;
  • refrain from dispossessing, by expropriation or nationalization or any other measure, investors of the other contracting state from their investments, unless the measure is taken:
    • in the public interest according to domestic legislation,
    • without any discrimination,
    • under due process of the law, and
    • provided prompt, adequate, and effective compensation.

All payments related to the investment of an investor of a contracting state are freely transferable in and out the host contracting state. In case of an investment dispute between the host contracting state and the investor of the other contractin​g state, the later may resort to alternative dispute resolution as conciliation, mediation and arbitration, or refer the dispute to the national court.

List of the agreements concluded by Lebanon are available here. Click on the name of the country for the full text.

Multilateral Agreements related to Investment

Lebanon is party of several international or regional agreements related to investment

A list is available here. Click on the name of the agreement for its full text.

Tax Conventions

The Double Taxation Convention grants solutions to those individuals and legal entities that suffer tax treatments on an item in the same time period; i.e. double taxation. This convention settles sharing of the taxation power between two states when such a case occurs.

The goal of this agreement is to promote the exchange of goods and services, the inflow of capital, technology, and persons without the burden of double taxation, on one hand, and the prevention of fiscal evasion through administrative assistance between the contracting parties on the other.

The text of the ratified conventions is now available here.